The Reign: Africa – A Children’s Book by C.Nichole

‘Africa in our soul, watch how our culture glows’ – that’s the first statement on C. Nichole’s Children Book called The Reign: Africa. In this colourfully illustrated book, C. Nichole highlights various continental ethnic groups from different corners of Africa. The book is published by Pan African Publishing House, which aims to amplify authors of African descent and promote stories told from an Afrocentric lens.

From the Tuaregs in North Africa to the Basotho in the south Africa, this book illustrates in beautiful and captivating images, the various ethnic groups with descriptions of their unique cultures, languages and traditional ways of life. Children can see and appreciate the rich diversity of people of African descent, contrary to what is portrayed in the mainstream – that Africa is a country with a monolithic group of people.

Illustrations by Sailesh Acharya

I believe these are awakening times for Africans in the diaspora, where there is a renewed and positive emphasis on tracing our roots, learning or re-learning our culture, and feeling empowered in our identities. For those of us who had the privilege of growing up on the continent, the next step we have is passing on our culture and knowledge to our children.

So how do we get them to celebrate their diversity and to love and appreciate their roots? You can start a journey with them in this book. It’s a colourful and informative way to immerse yourself and your child in the beauty of the people of the African continent. Grab a copy of the book on amazon Canada or amazon US either on paperback or kindle and begin the exciting journey!

The book can also be found in Barnes & Noble,, and Pan African Publishing House.

Happy reading!

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