A little contribution to the “afrosphere”

As an avid blog reader, I came across an interesting post in one of my favourite blogs MsAfropolitan on why African women should blog . Our stories are often missing in mainstream media, told from outsiders’ perspectives and often reduced into single narratives.  Over the past decade, African women have been actively challenging negative stereotypes through writing in the digital age where the internet provides an easily accessible platform. However, there is still a vast space for many others to contribute their unique voices and ideas.

As an African living in the diaspora, I hope to contribute my own perspectives.  So this blog will be my little contribution to the “afropshere” and I hope to explore various topics such as pan africanism, social justice, decolonization, socio-economic development, immigrant perspectives etc. I also hope to write about culture, travel, health and well-being among many others. My goal is for this forum to be a space for learning, unlearning and re-learning for myself and anyone who comes across it.



One thought on “A little contribution to the “afrosphere”

  1. I think that until we overcome racism it is every person of color’s duty to decline all offers that perpetuate racism. There is always a conundrum that POC face; whether to further their own interests or promote that of the group. The mother of this child unfortunately chose her own self interest (money) and in doing so she inadvertently chose the side of her’s and her sons oppressors. What hurts most is the lesson she taught her son; it’s fine to sell your dignity for a check.


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