Community Work

I am passionate about community work that advocates, inspires and empowers.

As a First Generation African immigrant, I aspire to bring my unique lens from two world views to impact communities in the diaspora and the continent.

Current Projects

Adopt a Family Initiative

I partnered with the Adopt a Family Initiative and the Kibera Community Emergency Response Team remotely to help raise funds for families that have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in Kibera, which is Kenya’s biggest slum. Due to shelter in place directives, many people living in Kibera who work in the informal sector have lost their source of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are currently running a fundraiser campaign to raise money to support many families facing the effects of the pandemic. As well, we are running a public health awareness campaign to inform community members on Covid 19, and running hand washing stations in various parts of Kibera. Learn more about this work here.

Manitoba Basketball African Association (MBAA)

As a program coordinator of the Manitoba Basketball Africa Association, I have been involved in planning tournaments that bring together African communities living in Manitoba. We organize an annual tournament “Ball for a Cause” that has supported various initiatives for African communities in the diaspora and in Africa. Learn more about MBAA here.

Terik Essential Programs Agency for Development, Kenya

Terik Essential Programs Agency for Development, Kenya (TEPAD Kenya) is a nonprofit organization established in 2002, to deliver services that improve the quality of lives of marginalized communities through education, research and training . As a long term volunteer, I have been involved in fund raising, training and running the social media platform. Learn more about this organization here.

Let’s Partner Together.